LDDJ Publishing Enterprises

LDDJ Publishing Enterprises is run and owned by Jeff L. Dawson. The purpose of the company is to publish and produce books from many genres, in both print and e-book format. As evidenced by the list of titles, we cater to a large audience in age, topics and gender. 

Please look around, check out the samples, provide comments, join in on the blog and if you like what you see, of course, feel free to purchase the books that capture your attention and imagination.

September 1, 1939, the unimaginable happened. WAR! Germany invaded Poland from the west. Two weeks later, Russia honored her agreement with Germany and invaded from the east. More...
Love's True Second Chance
July 20th, 2009 7:00am I held her hand and kissed her face with the arrival of a sunny beautiful morning, hoping for a miracle. The shift change for nurses and doctors was in full swing. More...
The Baseball Coaching Manual
For the first time ever, Coach Jeff Dawson, with decades of both playing and coaching experience across multiple states and venues, addresses the game of baseball in the way it demands to be... More...